1. Still working on the garage - unpacking the club plaques now.

  2. zl-1 corvette on Flickr.

    zl-1 corvette

    Ed “Big Daddy” Roth water slide decal. Art by Ed “Newt” Newton.

  3. More stuff on the wall. #Plomb

  4. Just added a new original sketch in the Art Of Coop store - Ogg The Martian:

  5. Skye, April Flores & Adrianna Nicole, 2008

  6. Kimberly Kane & April Flores, 2007

  7. Miss Crash, 2010

  8. Skye, 2009.

    Leica Dlux4

  9. OF COURSE I took reference photos of my pegboard before I packed & moved my tools - I’m not a barbarian #Plomb

  10. Two sexy ladies sunbathing in my backyard.