1. Hey, I can see my house from here!

    (Source: the-softparade, via erikj62ss)

  2. Also found a few STEEL POLE BATHTUB prints (from 1993) as well: 

  3. I found another cache of old prints! HOT WHEELS silkscreen now available: 

  4. photosbycoop:

    My assistant Claire finished all her work early today, so she got naked inside a packing crate & I took photos.

  5. L1240862.JPG on Flickr.

    With HELMET #2, 2007

  6. L1040144.JPG on Flickr.

    Monsters Of Theremin - @Frauenfelder and @FeralHouse. 2007

    Leica Dlux 3

  7. Getting the dining room together.

  8. Life in the suburbs #BurbankSceneReport

  9. photosbycoop:

    Claire Robbins. Photo ©2013 Coop.

    Leica M9, f2/35mm Summicron lens, 2nd version.

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